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November 7, 2010


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this is a submition by :iconrelic-nt: which I find is to be considered and useful.
Especially for people who get tired of explaining to newcomers and customers what the manual of the shimeji says.:

Remember Shimeji, that desktop mascot progam? Yeah, I know it's so two months ago. Anyway, I started a branch of the code called Shimeji-ee (Shimeji English Enhanced.) It's Shimeji, but completely in English/Engrish (including the configuration files) with some new enhancements.

I'm mainly here asking people to contribute to the project: programmers, wiki writers, and people to make new Shimeji types.

So far, I have the English translation mostly done (although it could use editing) and I've added support for: multiple Shimeji types at once, better context menus, and the ability to force a Shimeji to perform behaviors. I've pretty much done everything I want with the program and I'm not really intending to do more programming. But I opened up the project at google code so other people can contribute. I'll answer questions people have, okay contributors, and check code changes.

As far as programming goes, the major improvements I can think of are: Better memory usage (Shimeji was a hog and may have a leak), GUI for managing image sets at run time, allowing Shimejis to interact with non-browser windows, Pop Up Error messages, and Now Loading messages. Of course, more error messages and commenting would be nice, but no one wants to do that. I'm sure there are a lot of bugs too, I haven't tested it all that much. And if you programmers don't like the code, don't blame me, most of it was taken from the original Shimeji project.

As far as wiki writing goes, guides to configuring Shimeji-ee would be nice. Shimeji is actually very customizable, but it's not obvious how to do it.

Come and visit the homepage. Don't expect much though, I put this together relatively quickly. If you want to be added as a contributor, please send an e-mail to "".

Spread this post around if you can.

If you want to use the current version of Shimeji-ee, here's some info:

Shimeji English Enhanced

Shimeji-ee is a Windows desktop mascot that freely wanders and plays around the screen. Shimeji was originally created by Yuki Yamada of Group Finity ( This branch of the original Shimeji project not only translates the program/source to English, but adds additional enhancements to Shimeji.

==== Homepage (with wiki) ====


There are two downloads versions, Calm and Mischievous. The only difference is their configuration files. The Mischievous version will divide itself and toss around non-full screen browser windows. The recommended version is mischevious:…

==== Requirements ====

Same as the original Shimeji:

1. Windows XP or higher
2. Java 6 or higher, MUST be 32-bit Java

==== How to Start ====

Extract the zip and Double Click the Shimeji-ee icon (Shimeji-ee.exe). Right click the tray icon or the individual Shimeji for options. Left click the tray icon to create another Shimeji.

==== Basic Configuration ====

If you want multiple Shimeji types, you must have multiple image sets. Basically, you put different folders with the correct Shimeji images under the img directory.

You can pretty much take the image folders from existing Shimeji sets, rename them, and put them under Shimeji-ee's img folder.

Here's an example. If you want to add, say, a new Batman Shimeji:

1. Create an img/Batman folder.
2. You must have an image set that mimicks the contents of img/Shimeji. Create and put new versions of shime1.png - shime46.png (with Batman images of course) in the img/Batman folder. The filenames must be the same as the img/Shimeji files. Refer to img/Shimeji for the proper character positions.
3. Start Shimeji-ee. Now Shimeji and Batman will drop. Right click Batman to perform Batman specific options. Adding "Another One!" from the tray icon will randomly create add either Shimeji or Batman.

When Shimeji-ee starts, one Shimeji for every image set in the img folder will be created. If you have too many image sets, a lot of your computer's memory will be used... so be careful. Shimeji-ee can eat up to 60% of your system's free memory. If it tries to use any more, it will crash.

Shimeji-ee will ignore all the image sets that are in the img/unused folder, so you can hide image sets in there. If enough people want it, a future release may add some better capabilities (namely a image set selection tool when Shimeji-ee is run) to managing Shimeji image sets.

Also, read through the configuration files in conf/. Most options are somewhat complicated, but it's not too hard to limit the total number of Shimeji or to turn off certain behaviors (hint: set frequency to 0.)

==== Advanced Configuration ====

All configuration files are located in the in the conf folders. In general, none of these should need to be touched.

The file defines how logging errors is done.
The actions.xml file specifies the different actions Shimeji can do. When listing images, only include the file name.
The behaviors.xml file specifies when Shimeji performs each action.

Each type of Shimeji is configured through:

1. An image set. This is located in img/[NAME]. The image set must contain all image files specified in the actions file.
2. An actions file. Unless conf/[NAME]/actions.xml exists, conf/actions.xml will be used.
3. A behaviors file. Unless conf/[NAME]/behaviors.xml exists, conf/behaviors.xml will be used.

==== How to Quit ====

Right-click the tray icon of Shimeji (or an individual Shimeji), Select "Bye Everyone!"

==== How to Uninstall ====

Delete the unzipped folder.

==== Trouble Shooting ====

Shimeji-ee takes a LOT of time to start if you have a lot of image sets, so give it some time. Try moving all but one image set to the img/unused folder.

If Shimeji is running out of memory, try editing Shimeji-ee.bat and change "-Xmx1000m" to a higher number.

If the Shimeji-ee icon appears, but no Shimeji appear:

1. Make sure you only have image set folders in your img directory.
2. Make sure you have 32-bit Java on your system. If you have both 32-bit Java and 64-bit Java installed, try double clicking Shimeji-ee.bat or Shimeji-ee.jar. Shimeji-ee requires 32-bit Windows DLLs so can not work with 64-bit Java.
3. If you're somewhat computer savvy, you can try running Shimeji-ee from the command line. Navigate to the Shimeji-ee directory and run this command: "C:Program Files (x86)Javajre6binjava" -classpath Shimeji-ee.jar -Xmx512m com.group_finity.mascot.Main -Djava.util.logging.config.file=./conf/
4. Try checking the logs (ShimejiLogX.log) for errors. If you find a bug (which is very likely), post it up on the Shimeji-ee homepage under the issues section.
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irubelle Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014
Aah, I apologize if there is already an answer for this question I'm about to ask, I tried searching for one by browsing through the comments but didn't see anything. n_n

Anywho, my shimejis were working perfectly fine earlier, except the framing was off completely. They opened and functioned normally, disregarding the frames, and I decided to re-do the placement of the frames. After I did so, I returned back to the Shimeji-ee application and clicked it. My shimeji was in the tray so I tried to open it, but it tells me it failed to load the configuration files and to refer to the log for more details. I honestly have no idea what I'm dealing with since I just started today and I was wondering if anyone could help? ; v ;

Thank you! ♥
Mauseon Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013
Hey guys, I've got a quite frustrating problem: my shimeji characters have some visual bug when I let them out. I've posted the issue on the main page, it was numbered 39, name: "The shimeji character has visual bug". Hope you guys would help me out of it 'cause I love those shimeji so much.
... and please reply soon  CURSE YOU! 
BeforeIDecay1996 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry for taking a while to reply. m(_ _)m

I looked around, but couldn't find any solution and I don't even know where to begin with trying to fix that. Sorry. ^^;  I wish I could be of more help.. I hope you find a fix soon though!
E-Minz-W Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I've downloaded shimeji, but I have to have Java 6. I already have it installed, though.

Yes, I'm using windows xp.
BeforeIDecay1996 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Try this~
When you open the shimeji's folder there should be two files named 'Shimeji'. One on the left of the other one has the original shimeji icon and it's file type is 'application', and the one on the right of that one has a java teacup logo (or at least that's what mine shows up as), and it's file type is 'Executable Jar File'. Here's a screenshot~
If I click the one with the shimeji icon it, for some reason, tells me that I need to update my Java even though I already have. A screenshot of that~
But when I click the executable jar file it opens the shimeji with no problems.
Yaoi-is-my-life-99 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my god thank you!! I'm not even that same person but I was having the same problem. Thank you random stranger!
Kiyo-Keiju Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there! I've downloaded some Shimeji and the original ones work perfectly, but with the Shimeji EE program it just won't work. The program's running and everything, but no Shimeji shows up. Also when I try to start it, I'm always asked if I want to add some data that's been changed to the archive. If I click no, nothing happens. If I click yes, it loads something, then tells me that the program couldn't read some .log or .log.lck data because it's open in another program, which it isn't. I have Windows 7 and Java 6 and a handful Shimejis (which are not EE) that work fine. Any ideas what's wrong?
BeforeIDecay1996 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
What shimeji-ee do you have? Can you link me to it? I was thinking maybe it could be that specific shimeji-ee that isn't working. Have you tried multiple different shimeji-ee?

If you haven't tried multiple ones then try this one:…
Since I know that one works for me. ^ ^;
Kiyo-Keiju Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I tried many actually, this one…

and this one…

for example, I tried all kinds of tips but nothing gets them to work :/
BeforeIDecay1996 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm... When you click it to try and open the shimeji does it pop up with an icon in your taskbar? Or does nothing happen at all (besides the shimeji not appearing)?

Also what if you were to copy a folder from one of the original Japanese shimeji you have and replace the images with the frames from the shimeji-ee? D: Maybe that will work (mine works both ways so I really don't understand what's different about yours >w<).

It could be that you have Java version 6 since I don't think that that's the latest update for Java. So maybe you could get the latest version and see if that makes a difference. ^^;

You could also try this:… Not sure that it will help though.

Sorry If I'm not helping much btw. I'm trying my best, but I don't really use shimeji-ee that much since I prefer the original Japanese shimeji. ;A;
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